Circuit Hill Peusar Tasikmalaya


About the combined touring event that is held in the Circuit Hill Peusar Tasikmalaya The real date of his last March 14 I already know far away the day before carried …. 1 month or 2 months before the event already in love there will know the event.

Is one of the members of the CTR, namely Bro Chandra who first told, then its chairman Bro Ridwan equally informed and reminded to come, invite all Asep.

In short I went to the event, and arrived at the circuit peusar hills around 8 am today … kontekan same context Asep want to catch up with his words, time has also come it 😆

In the existing circuit CTR Members and Cerberus …. Deh same familiar CTR & Cerberus mah … .CTR often met, Cerberus never seen a 3rd Anniversary CCT … .Other her I do not know from where the CBR, less familiar 😀

Oh yes, when I came indirectly gathered all of her, partly ngaret come to Circuit, tired and wake up late: mrgreen:

The Club CBR present in them
-CTR As host
-HCRC Depok
-HCRC Jakarta
-HCRC Bekasi
-HCRC Banten
-HCRC Bogor
-RACER Semarang

Thank God his own event went smoothly, there is no obstacle that means other than the late attendance was due to exhaustion of course.

Okay bro here are some shots of the camera Hp and results requested XD

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