Modification Concept Could Or Not to be Realize ???

When the initial start making my blog only with some photos shambles that was sent to several bloggers who are already used to create a blog, his example om kobay. There is a question that often arises, may or may not be realized if in real ??

Answer it less know exactly, may or may not have realized it at … anyway I only just made it for fun … But if you look at what you already have some modifications, his answer might be, yet the local modifier already accustomed to working on modifications to the category of mild to extreme, well just about appearance or performance upgrades. Modification of an existing concept, and in real R15v2 realized without the fairing (although old vixion is R15v1 naked version) …

I wrote here … The one in the real world like this bro 😎 While the concept of a modified version of her like this 😎 Although his results to be different, but still can be realized in the real: mrgreen: Not only are its properties just wishful thinking … I also had to make the concept of modifications based on what I see on the streets, but not had time to capture …

Because honestly hard to perpetuate what is seen on the highway … what I see: D #no there are ask XD Back in the street near my house ever saw New Vixion Lightning, his head in the locker Shinchan style headlamp wear supra 125 carburetor 2007-2014 … Approximately like this bro 😎 Fyi already many in fact that applying carburetor 2007-2014 supra headlamp on naked bike in the real world, such as the thunder, Scorpio, tiger … just sorry there is no evidence … Let’s just say HOAX

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