Sean Gelael back !!

Indonesian young rider, Sean Gelael back behind the wheel of a Formula 3 vehicle during a two-day testing, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, located near the city of Valencia, Spain.

Actually, in this year, Sean will be more focus on the Formula Renault 3.5 Championship, where he has been well adapted to a car that has a greater strength. But Sean will also rejoin the team Jagonya Chicken with Carlin Dallara-Volkswagen, with her team during the 2014 racing season, to follow a series of European Formula 3 championship this year.

It is for the first time, Sean was back in the Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix since last November, and therefore must adapt Sean back to the feel of the car’s engine. Valencia circuit is a circuit that is very technical, and have little room to improvise, so this circuit into a circuit that is very difficult to get back in the car to race in Formula 3, especially when it comes to dealing with other riders-riders who already have a rhythm in this category .

Testing The first day was very difficult for Sean, but on the second day, even in wet conditions that make the riders have more opportunity to improvise and show their natural talent, Sean perform better. In the afternoon, the track was a little drier, therefore the rider can use dry tires even though the track was quite slippery. In this session, Sean managed to record the fastest time to eight of the 34 riders.

“At the time I tried more mid-corner speed, the result is I get the speed corner entry or entry speed. But the Formula 3 car mimiliki not enough strength to overcome this. We can not gain strength as in the vehicle Formula Renault 3.5. ”

But when it rains, the ratio between the power and traction vehicles nearing what is common Sean get in Formula Renault 3.5. “Oddity occurs during the morning session,” added Sean. “Every time we entered the track, the rain fell. And each of us off the track to the pit entrance, the rain stopped! We were very unlucky, although our pace is very good, every time I was on the track, record the time I was in the top two or three of all that was on the track with me. ”

“Unlike the afternoon session where the tracks are in a semi-arid conditions. Tracks continue to dry until the end of the exercise, and I am getting faster one second per rotation, but in the end when the session ended I was in third position. Let’s say there is still one more lap, I think I would be in a better position. “

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