Real Story : Sex Pleasure in The Bus

According to the title sir …. Following the incident that I copy and paste it from one of the Facebook group:

I along with my wife to ride the bus from
pangandaran majors cikarang departing jam18.00
Pm, (night journey) who ride the bus there are about 5
people including me and my wife. 2 fathers behind one girl in front of me. entering the area
Banjarsari buses have started penuh.dan girl in
My future was already sitting with the same father
age about 30 ~ 40 years. all the way
I fell asleep because abis tired of the beach. fit
istrirahat was not down. I woke fitting buses already are on the road near the factory Cileunyi know addo. The light conditions
the bus is turned off, only one reply flame section
front. I was surprised to see the same girl father in
I’m doing next ***************
***. The apparent fit of car headlights
outside. Seeing the condition of the sleeping around too tight all. My wife was equally lg sleep.

i am horny Seeing these conditions. tp me choose
sleep again. fitting the car going east motorway exit karawang
lights on. the father try to kidding with the
girlfriend. fingering neck while the girl who while in hug. the girl fell in clari (karawang) and the father her down in Cikarang. to the conductor if you can do the lights turned off,
first reply to avoid crime
also to avoid things like the above. I accidentally share detailed chronology
syukur2 person in this group. fear it
as it brings bad luck for the other. the girl was fitting departed in the same anther father +
girlfriend in Pangandaran terminal. My wife turns even know their behavior, but
equal to sleep and do not want to bother. if you look at the condition that I experienced.
what will be done.

crazy dog ​​Ko ya bro nasty on the bus: lol: …. the last paragraph
“If you see conditions like that I’ve experienced.
what will be done “

Approximately what will ente lakuin if clay that nookie on the bus (read: nasty): lol:

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