Dipaksa Jadi FBH


Hi guys … If in question and recreation area that ‘s playing in the sand is everywhere … This might be one of them. Turkish Lagoan Ancol Jakarta guys … Yesterday , my wife had invited to the event playfulness to the beach with her friends , I’m wrote. Moreover, there is not work at home . Why do I say cheap … ??? Because the entrance fee per person and 15ribu 25ribu to the motor . If you do not take the vehicle seem more palatable yes . stayed in

In this lagoan can play beach sand and swimming in the seafront ancol if you want . However, do not cross the line that had been installed by the officer. Do not forget to keep an eye on your kids when you go to the beach with the family . For myself, I did not really like to swim . So , if you travel into the water like this, I just hang out on the edge and photographing the landscape around it.

children most at home when it’s water play . It felt as though they did not want to go home . Just do not forget to use sun block cream ya guys … In order for your skin does not burn that in turn causes your skin becomes charred . The wind was very breezy on the beach , comfortable if the title mat and then a nap under a shady tree .

playing in a fantasy world , but tickets are very expensive guys … Now the price of admission into a fantasy world reached Rp . 195,000 on weekdays , and Rop . 275,000 on weekends and national holidays . If you take 2 most children do not have to take money one million more

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